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Kingdom of Feathers

Kingdom of Feathers

Alice Ivinya

Kingdom of Birds and Beasts #3

Soldier, Soverreign… Saviour?

April 28, 2021 by Devika

Waardering: 4 uit 5.

Kingdom of Feathers is the third and final part in the Kingdom of Birds and Beasts serie by Alice Ivinya. Where the first part, Feathers of Snow, really was a retelling of The Goose Girl, the second part Feathers of Blood felt more like a sequel to the first part in stead of a retelling. This third part also felt like a sequel to the story, but will I enjoy this part just as much as I liked the previous parts?

Now that the king is dead and war lurkes, Brianna has to make some tough choices in her new life full of politics and war. She must remain strong, so she can marry Jian. But when Spirit-Beasts and the borderlands argue over alliances, Brianna seems to be the one that can unite them with the growing feeling of the old magic in her. But can she contain her magic to prevent becoming a nameless? Will she save the lands?

Kingdom of Feathers has a slow start, in which you will know more about the politics and war. This made that I had to get into the story for a while. But when the story goes on, it gets really good and it has a lot of tension and adventure.

Alice Ivinya has managed to write a nice ending to the Kingdom of Birds and Beasts series, and all loose ends seem to be fixed. What I really liked is that in this story you will get to know Brianna and the Spirit-Birds even beter. The world building is great and I really loved it!

I really liked this ending of the trilogy, and can’t wait for more books by this author, since she really knows how to write a great series based on a fairytale.

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